Is the hospital open for general public?

Cantonment General Hospital is open to all general public.

How to get Birth/Death certificate?

Birth and Death certificate can be obtained online by visiting official website of this office or from the Birth and Death Cell, Delhi Cantonment Board, Sadar Bazar, Delhi Cantt


How long does it take to get Birth / Death Certificate?

It generally takes 4 to 7 working days.

How to apply for Mutations?

Application for Mutation has to be submitted on the prescribed Application Form to the Cantonment Board Office. The prescribed application form can be obtained from the Cantonment Board Office.

How to apply for Building Plan Application?

Application for Building Plan has to be submitted online which is available on the Official Website of the Cantonment Board.

To whom should the citizen approach for any grievances?

1. E-mail id – ceodelhicantt[at]gmail[dot]com
2. Samadhan Mobile App
3. Samadhan Helpline (24 X 7) - (011) 25683622
4.You can meet Chief Executive Officer, Delhi Cantonment Board during 11.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M

Where are cremation facilities in Delhi Cantt. ?

List of cremation grounds under the jurisdiction of Delhi Cantonment Board are given below:
1. Old Nangal
2. Uri Enclave

Where can I make complaint about sewerage line choke up?

Complaint for the sewer line can be registered through:
1. Samadhan Mobile App
2. Samadhan Helpline (24 X 7) - (011) 25683622
3. E-mail id – ceodelhicantt[at]gmail[dot]com

How many hospitals and dispensaries are run by DCB in its jurisdiction?

One hospital i.e. Cantonment General Hospital and 02 Dispensaries one at Village Jharera and other at Village Naraina.

How to book Barat Ghar/Community hall of Delhi Cantonment Board?

You can book barat ghar/community hall online by visiting official website of this office.